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As with anywhere is the world there are laws in place around who is eligible to live and work in this beautiful island. Under the new housing law (Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law) Jersey has four residential statuses that determine who can live and work here and what restrictions they may face. Whilst the island welcomes people who hold a variety and wealth of experience, preference is given to residents who are either locally born or have lived in the island for a length of time. On 31 December 2020 at 11pm, freedom of movement between the United Kingdom and the EU ended. This means free movement to Jersey has also ended. Everyone who is non-British or Irish, will now need immigration permission to visit, work, study or settle in Jersey. Read on to find out more about the Residential Status’ and what they mean…


Anyone who does not qualify for any of the above status’ are classed as ‘registered’. There are restrictions on working and living in Jersey for individuals who status is ‘registered’, employers are required to hold a license to be able to offer employment and restrictions on housing mean they can only rent ‘registered’ property. Once residing in the island for a period of 5 consecutive years ‘registered’ residents gain their ‘entitlement to work’ status.


Residents of Jersey that hold a ‘licensed’ status are an 'essential employee'. If employers have not been able to fill a position with someone who is 'entitled', 'registered', or 'entitled for work' they can submit a request for a work permit enabling them employ someone who is ‘licensed’. Whilst retaining their status ‘licensed’ residents with can buy or rent property. If wanting to move to another job once living in the island the work permit stays with the organisation, therefore prospective employers would have to obtain a new work permit in order to employ a ‘licensed’ individual.

Entitled to Work

Someone who is classed as “entitled to work” will have lived in Jersey for five consecutive years or will gain the status by marrying someone who is 'entitled', 'licensed', or 'entitled for work'. As with people classed as ‘entitled’ they do not have any restrictions on work or housing.


Residents of Jersey that are classed as Entitled are often locally born or they’ve resided in the Island for a consecutive period of 10 years. When you have your ‘entitled’ status there are no restrictions on where you can work as well as what property you can buy or rent.

For further information and contact details on living and working in Jersey please see the below details for the States of Jersey website:

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