Welcome to our Podcast page!

The Park team all love a good gab, we love people, love all things recruitment and we wanted a voice, particularly around the time of the pandemic. We got our heads together and the Park podcasts were born!

We enjoyed it so much that we have just carried on recording!

Alongside our amazing producer Adam (Gemma’s husband), we come through the airwaves to our listeners with new episodes, regularly sharing anything and everything related to the world of work 😊

Within our varied series we dissect all things careers - what roles are what/what you need to thrive in them/ tips and tricks for interviews/negotiating pay rises and everything in between.

We meet with some truly inspirational and motivational people from our local community, discussing their career journeys and how they have got to where they are today.

You can listen on the below links as well as on your preferred channels (Spotify/ Apple Music/ varied Socials)

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy recording them

  • A Career in Series

    What does a Fund Administrator do? What even is a Trust?

    Is it time to think about your first role and you are wondering where to start?

    In this series, we take each sector (finance and everything in between) in turn and delve into the nitty gritty

    • what do you actually do on a day-to-day basis? 
    • What does the progression look like? 
    • What is the best thing about the job? 
    • What are the challenges? 
    • What was the interview process like?

    We get right down to the ins and outs and get to them bottom of why these guests love what they do, helping you make the right choice to find your happy place

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  • The Advice Series

    The Park team take over the mic in this series, we chat all things work.

    Just some of the areas we cover include: -

    • How to get that pay rise
    • What is the market doing? 
    • CV tips 
    • How to be the best you
    • How to shine at interview
    • Eek its Appraisal time, how to get the best out of it…

    We delve into YOUR career and how to help you flourish!

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  • Podcasting with the Pro’s

    This series focuses on picking the brains of professionals who are experts within their fields.

    • How did they get to where they are today?
    • What choices/ sacrifices did they have to make?
    • What are their career highlights and daily challenges?

    This series is great for anyone who is looking to gain inspiration from others within their chosen fields.

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  • The Entrepreneur Series

    Many of us would love to work for ourselves, have an idea or a passion but never take that final step or risk to do it! 

    In this series we will hear from a range of people on how and why they took that step, the journey they have taken and all the joys and challenges along the way.

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  • Wellbeing Series

    We explore ways to enrich your personal well-being, improve work life balance, and create a culture of wellness at work within our new wellbeing series. We hear from a range of professionals sharing their experience and tips and tricks that could help you improve both your mental and physical health and performance at work.

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