Work with us to find your Happy!

All successful relationships require work on both sides in order to thrive. What do you need to do to find your Happy? Read my blog this month on how you can work with Park so that we can find you, your Happy!

I’m sure over the years, those who follow Park will have heard about us finding our candidates their “Happy” when it comes to a role.  

Being new to the team and having been the other side of this journey I find it really eye-opening and not at all surprising, how hard my colleagues work to find roles for our candidates. Like any relationship, we both need to be working hard to make it successful. In a nutshell, if you want your dream job, then you have to work with us to ensure you find it. 

From our side you will get a consultant and team around them who will work really hard to ensure you find your dream role. They will keep up to date on the current market and roles open to you, let you know when something comes in that they think you’d be a good fit for. They will keep in touch with you so that you know you’ve not been forgotten. Every step of the way you have someone in your corner. 

But in order for us to help you find your Happy what do we need from you? 

The most important thing we need is honesty. You need to be honest about what you’re looking for, your expectations when it comes to salary, progression within the organisation, support, the way you want to work. You have to think of what you really want from a new role that you’re not currently getting.

These days there are so many options open to candidates. From remote working to hybrid to being full time in the office. There are also employers out there who will consider you working remotely for up to 3 weeks a year from a location that isn’t Jersey. We’ve seen it, a candidate who returns “home” for the summer holidays so that there is support from family members with childcare and tags 2 weeks holiday to the trip. 

What else do we need…… 

We need you to be proactive, keep looking on our website for any roles that catch your eye. Whilst we try really hard to ensure that every new role that hits our inbox goes to suitable candidates, we are only human so might not forward you an opportunity. Also, when you register with us and aren’t 100% sure what you want from a new role then looking on our website should be your first Port of call. You never know, something may well take your fancy that you’d be perfect for but you didn’t talk to your consultant about at registration. 

Keep in touch with your consultant. We try very hard to check in with our candidates but it’s always good to hear from you too. Keep us up to date on what’s happening your end, any changes that we need to be aware of. 

When you’re put forward for a role, make sure you do your research on that company. Find out what drives them, their ethics, the people who work there. Check their LinkedIn feed, and website so you’re really up to date with what they are doing. It’s important for you to be able to talk about them and ask questions about the company at interview. When a job description is sent to you, go through it and look at the skills needed, see if you’ve got them and can think of examples over your career where you’ve acquired that skill or used it. That way if you’re asked a question, you’re ready. 

The last thing we need is for you to breathe, with Park you have a team around you wanting you to get the best role possible and we will work hard to ensure that happens.

Get in touch, let Park help you find your Happy!