Want good work ideas? Then hit the pub!

Employees ‘have best ideas in the pub’ a recent report says!

How apt that we are reading this whilst in the full swing of the festive season!

Getting employees together outside of the workplace may be the best way to foster creativity and ideas, the survey from 2e2 plublished on People Manager has suggested.

Around half (47 per cent) of workers say that the best discussions about business ideas come when people get together in a pub or restaurant, according to a survey of 2,000 working people by IT services firm 2e2. The informal setting was viewed as better than the office boardroom (24 per cent) or having online discussions (19 per cent).

The survey showed that many people feel constrained by a traditional office environment, with 55 per cent saying that they are more productive when working from home and 63 per cent of office-based workers wanting to work more flexibly. However, irrespective of where they work they still need to get together to discuss ideas and an informal environment is often best, said the researchers.

So the Park team will be looking forward to returning from the office party full of ideas!