The Transformation of Temping

If you’ve been following our social media, you will have already seen how much we promote temping at Park. So much so we even run an annual ‘Park Temp of the Year’ competition where we ask our clients to nominate a temp that has gone above and beyond over that year and they are given a prize (you can read last year’s winning nomination here!).So why am I writing another blog on the subject…? Simple, so many people still don’t understand what temping all is about!

Historically companies would take on temporary staff to cover any short-term assignments. When their receptionist was on holiday or a team was required to come in and help with an event/ big mailshot temps would be called in. If you wanted to try out a few different roles before committing to a permanent position or perhaps you wanted extended holidays or work breaks to suit your lifestyle then this was the perfect option for you! Over time as well as the efficiencies with technology and automation, stricter policies and procedures have been introduced and most organisations require a range of pre-employment checks to be completed before you can start on a temporary assignment (historically you could have been starting the work that afternoon!) As with anything the level of screening depends entirely on the employing company and the role you are conducting, however, as a minimum most places will require you to undergo criminal record & credit checks along with a full reference history (which could take up to 14 days). Taking the time and cost of all this into account hiring someone for a week or two just isn’t cost effective anymore. 

So, what is temp work nowadays? 

Most of the positions we now see are for a period of 6 months and over. Usually temp roles will arise if a project is rolled out and a few extra pairs of hands are needed to assist. We also get roles to provide cover if a permanent member of staff is taking a few months out, this could be for various reasons such as being assigned a project, maternity leave, long term sickness, sabbaticals etc. There is also occasions where temp work may be considered as a trial for both parties, if you’re switching sectors or taking on a new challenge then both yourself and the employer may want to test the waters before you jump straight into a permanent contract. Nearly all the roles we have for temporary assignments have fixed working hours that are agreed prior to starting.

Whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea there are a lot of reasons why temping can be a great opportunity for many different people. So perhaps you’ve recently finished University/College and want to experience the world of finance? or, maybe you’re looking to make a career change and not quite sure what route to go down? Perhaps you are looking at relocating and are only available for a set period? Well, temping could be the answer! 

In my past 3 years at Park I have seen several candidates where temping has literally changed their lives. For some taking on a temp role has led to them finding the career they didn’t even know they wanted, for others it’s allowed them to gain valuable experience whilst building up their travelling fund and then others it has given them the flexibility to suit their lifestyles. 

If you think temping could be a good option for you get in touch!

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