Top Hourly Rates ...

New figures have shown that film stars pull in £10,000 per hour to the Prime Ministers £80!

Hollywood stars were the highest earners at an average of £10,841 an hour, while tennis players could bank more than £4,300 for 60 minutes’ work, according to a new study.

Book royalties meant Harry Potter author JK Rowling was worth £6,144 per hour, while supermodels pocketed an hourly rate of £3,326, found researchers for the freelancers’ website PeoplePerHour.

At £39.39, GPs received £2.38 more per hour than a member of parliament. Nurses earnt an average of £14.98, while police officers received £21.91, the survey showed.

At the lower end of the hourly pay scale were cooks (£7.97) new army recruits (£7.96) and receptionists (£6.50).

The prime minister was also found to earn eight times less for 60 minutes in his job (£80), than a Premiership footballer (£822).