Is there a science to Recruitment?

Is there a science to Recruitment?

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Is there a science to recruiting? Seeing as I’m now 5 months into my career, I’m curious - What is it that you want from a recruiter?

I have previously been a candidate and my top priority was to always receive communication from my recruiter. I just wanted to be kept in the loop even if there was nothing to report, but at least they showed me they haven’t forgotten about me, or I hadn’t been overlooked because they were too busy or had more promising people to deal with. This is something I will always strive to emulate in my career as a Recruitment Consultant and I’ll put it out here now so I’m always accountable, no matter how many candidates I have with me, I will always do my best to keep in touch and make them feel valued.

Most people’s mindsets are “You’ve got to look out for No.1”, which is of course true, but I want to be the Recruiter who says, “Well, now you’ve got 2 people looking out for you, I’ve got your back, you’ll get regular updates and reassurance from me so don’t sweat it. I’m looking out for your best interest too!”. Is this what people place as their top need from a Recruiter, or is the attitude “If they get me a job then they can handle it how they want”?

Even when communicating with candidates we try to tailor our approach. How do you want this to be done? Is email preferable or is this too slow? Do you want phone calls from us, or does this make you uncomfortable if you’re at work when we call? Are face to face meetings good (we love them!) or are you nervous being seen coming to our building? Can everything be done over text and is this more convenient?

Is it all about who you know, and do you register with multiple agencies because you know people there or do you think it will increase your chances of getting a job?

Do you want a recruiter to listen to you and execute what you want? Or do you want someone who’s going to read between the lines of what you’re saying and just send you a whole plethora of jobs?

Tell us your thoughts on what’s most important to you as a candidate. What would you want to see from a Recruiter and how do you want to see it? Is the result the most important thing or do you need to have the first-class service as part of the package? Are you going to reach out to multiple recruiters regardless of the service and why? Get in touch, I’m keen to know and understand because this is all new to me.

We are Park Personnel – Career Shapers, but hey, your feedback might help shape my career!