Temp Worker Week - Day 2

For day two of Temp Worker Week 2017 we are bringing you some words from a few of our own temps as to why they enjoy being employed on a temp contract.  

Depending on the length of a contract some temps can be with us for a few months or, in some cases they’re with us for a few years! Our lives are constantly changing and sometimes we require an element of flexibility in our work life to fit in, this is one of main reasons we hear why people want to temp. Over the past few years we’ve seen more and more candidates wanting to go travelling which as enjoyable as it is, it can be very costly. Temping can be a great way to get some extra money before heading off, and even during travelling if you’re heading home for a few months break. If you’re struggling to fit a job around a hectic life style and require flexible working then temping could be a great option!


‘When I returned from travelling I was unsure of which career path I wanted to pursue, temping allowed me to gain exposure to financial services whilst considering my future options.’

Temping with Park since April 2017.


‘Temping provides me with the finances and flexibility to be able to travel and pursue my passions such as skiing. It allows my work-life to be tailored to fit what I want to achieve in life.’

Temping with Park since December 2016


‘Following redundancy I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to take, temping gave me the chance to experience a different work environment and learn new skills. After redundancy my confidence in applying for new jobs was knocked but after doing taking on this short term assignment I feel much more positive about the opportunities out there.’

Temping with Park since October 2017


Tomorrow we’ll be hearing from a clients point of view on how temporary workers are a crucial part of their business.