Schools out for Summer – Almost!

Schools out for Summer – Almost!

With the Easter holidays basically wrapped up and done, if you’re in college or doing your A levels, this is the last push for you, and potentially your last summer holidays, before full time work starts. 

Wait full time work…?! I bet if this is you, that feels like it has come out of nowhere, especially if you have yet to start thinking about your future and what it holds for you. 

This is where we at Park come in, we know it can be hard and confusing. More than likely your parents are bugging you to make decisions for your future, your friends seem like they have it all sussed and you may feel like you are being left behind. 

Here at Park, we offer a variety of tools to help you in your search and job applications. If you’re reading this, you may have come across our blogs on our website, and if you have, you’re on the right path. On our website, you’ll find a section called “ADVICE” – here you’ll find an array of recruitment subjects from Interview blunders to how to prepare for Competency Based Interviews. 

There is also our Trainees and Graduates page where we talk you through the recruitment process, what employers are looking for and current Trainee roles. 

Did you know our website also has a Podcast section! We have chatted to many people from various sectors across finance and other industries, where they give an insight into their field. These conversations are very relaxed and are definitely worth a listen! 

Above all the most valuable tool we can offer you is… US! 

We are here to chat to, so please either give us a call, email to book an appointment, or just pop into our offices, one of us will happily speak to you and provide you with the guidance you need. 

Now is the time to get the wheels in motion if you are wanting to step into full time work when you leave education. Trainee/ junior roles are coming in thick and fast!