Recruiting through Facebook

Organisations are always trying to identify new and different ways to recruit talented individuals into their business and the Hotel chain Mariott International have just taken this to a new level and created a facebook game.

The gamification trend has been popular over recent months but this is the first time it has been used in a recruitment campaign.

At My Marriott Hotel on Facebook, gamers begin by managing a virtual hotel restaurant kitchen, including buying equipment and ingredients on a budget, hiring and training employees, and serving guests. The better you are, the more points you get, and unhappy customers means you loose points. The Marriott hotel are aiming to target 18 – 27 year olds and believe that social media is a suitable tool to reach these people, providing them a challenge and ultimately interest them in hospitality careers. This game is very similar to the years-old Farmville application, but did that persuade you to groom a garden offline as well as on? Do you think that ideas like this can work as recruitment, or will it just remain a game? Let us know your opinion.