Putting that spark back into your career

From the moment you saw the job advert you knew this job was the one. It was as if the job description was specifically designed to leverage your experiences, strengths, and passion for social change. It also seemed to provide the professional challenges and growth you were craving. You followed your heart and went for it, crafting the perfect cover letter and resume.

Your heart skipped a beat when you received the call for an interview. You ran to the cleaners to dry clean your lucky suit. You showed up 10 minutes early, looking perfect, and had researched the organsation thoroughly. After the interview, you left satisfied knowing you got the job. Soon after, you received the offer.

The first day was amazing and so were the weeks and months that followed. You felt stimulated, purposeful, and on track with your career goals. However, time has passed and things no longer feel the same. You are tired, overworked, and under-stimulated. Getting up in the morning is hard. The magic is gone. You just don’t know what to do.

Research has shown that taking some time to reflect and following these 5 tips in the below article may help you to get that all important spark well and truly back into the workplace!