Plastic Free Businesses Abroad

Across the globe we’re seeing more and more businesses trying to do their bit for the environment. Whilst doing research for future holiday plans I came across an article in the news about The Akaryn Hotel Group and their plans for an eco-friendly future. The Akaryn Hotel Group specialise in small luxury resorts in South-east Asia with hotels in some of the most sought after locations, they have recently announced their plans to become a single-use plastic-free hotel company by 2020.

The group's newest opening, Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok, is leading the way by not having any single-use plastics in its rooms as well as food and drink outlets throughout the resort. Guests are gifted a stylish Akyra stainless steel water bottle on arrival that can be refilled again and again throughout their stay. Self-service drinking water is available on every floor of the hotel and guests are encouraged to take their bottles with them on excursions and shopping trips around the city.

In addition to stainless steel water bottles, other eco-friendly features of the hotel include essential oil-based bathroom amenities presented in locally manufactured celadon ceramic containers, as well as toothbrushes and combs made from corn starch. Biodegradable waste bags are used throughout the hotel and the guests are even offered reusable shopping bags to use throughout their stay. By providing these eco-friendly alternatives they hope to eliminate the need for any guest to purchase single use plastic products during their stay whilst in and out of the resort.

The Akaryn group is a keen supporter of the Pure Blue Foundation who support multi-faceted marine conservation ranging from coral reef restoration in Koh Samui to marine turtle conservation in Phang Nga. On arrival to the hotel guests will be offered the possibility to donate to the foundation and educated on the work that they are doing.

Whilst I’m not jetting off anywhere exotic this year it’s definitely made me more conscious on where I’ll be choosing to stay in the future. Hopefully it won’t be too long till we see Jersey playing host to it’s very own eco-friendly hotel!

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