"A career in" with Gary Tumelty

This week we are delighted to welcome Gary Tumelty to the podcasting studio!

In this week's episode Gemma was flying solo without her podcasting partner Toni, She was delighted to welcome Gary Tumelty to the studio where they had a good natter about the world of financial services, current industry trends and how the sector has changed and developed over the years  - Gary is a Director within one of Sanne’s Real Estate teams – previous to that he has held a long career within the trust world and today we just wanted to pick his brains to hear about his career thus far and what has kept him in it!

Gemma was keen to hear about how and why he chose financial services as his career choice, the high’s/ low’s as well as top tips for anyone looking to start within this field.

Thanks for joining us Gary- always a pleasure!