Park interview with Brit

As part of our Park Temps Worker Week we wanted to give you more insight into working in a temporary position, and what better way than with one of our current temps! 

Brit has kindly answered some  questions that might help you in making the decision to work in a temporary position. However, if you would like to know more about working in a temporary position, please get in touch!

Let’s start of by you giving us a bit of information about your career background and what you are currently doing?

My career background is a bit of a mixed bag, I have worked as a receptionist a few times in the past and I have also worked in an architecture firm (as this is what I have a degree in). Currently I am temping within the finance industry.

What interests you the most about working in this temporary position?

What interests me most about this temporary position is that it is super flexible, you can take as many unpaid leave days as you need (which works well for me as I treated myself to a few holidays this summer).

Why did you decide to pursue this temporary position instead of going into a permanent position?

This temporary role was ideal for me as I just got back from travelling South America in May and needed a job ASAP. This temp role offered me great pay, but also an insight into a new career path. I have been intrigued by finance, but never wanted to commit to a permanent position in case it wasn’t what I expected or enjoyed. My 6 month contract here is a nice amount of time to get a real feel for the industry and company with options to go permanent afterwards.

Do you believe that being in this role has increased your skills to grow a career in the finance industry?

This role has 100% increased my skills to grow a career in finance. I have learnt a lot about how the company is run, as well as participating in 5 weeks training when I first started. I feel this temporary position has given me a real insight into banking which I can then project into any other finance based role.

How does it work around your lifestyle?

This role works around my lifestyle quite well, as I mentioned earlier you can take as many unpaid holidays as you wish, and you can come in and do overtime at the weekends to earn some extra cash. The hours are super flexible also, for example if I want to come in a few hours earlier to work, I can then leave a few hours earlier (as long as I advise my manager in advance!)

Do you feel that temping has made making connections and friends within the company harder?

I do not feel like there is a divide between temporary and permanent employees within the job as we all get treated the exact same. I have been able to make friends just as easy as I would if I was in a permanent role.

Why would you recommend Park to people who may be looking for temporary employment?

Park as a temping agency have been spot on! They are super speedy and friendly whenever I have any queries about certain aspects within my role. They even try to get us as clients to get involved with saving the planet with the FREE reusable coffee cups they gave us with a complimentary coffee. 

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Park again as a recruitment agent for temping or permanent work as they have helped me week by week whilst working for them in my role.

Thanks Brit!