Myth Busting!

We hear lots of myths from our candidates during their job search, these can be regarding job roles, companies, expectations, salaries, recruitment processes to name but a few. Normally they have heard rumours from a friend or colleague, or even an ex-employee of a firm that they are interviewing at, which gives them assumptions and impressions that bias their job search. I can’t express enough how important it is to not listen to these opinions! Everyone is going to have different experiences, ideas or opinions on what is right or wrong/good or bad and therefore it’s important to make your own judgement! Of course, there may be some truth in what’s being said to you and if it is coming from a person you trust you will value that opinion but you need to remember that it is their opinion and we are all aware of what happens with Chinese whispers. I have listed below a few things we hear within the agency and will try to bust some of these myths.

Finance is boring 

There are so many areas within the finance industry that you may not have even thought of. We meet with lots of Trainees that have been informed of Trust and Fund Administration roles and believe that that’s all that is out there. The clients we work with offer a huge range of roles and some even have Rotation Programmes available for Trainees offering the opportunity to experience all the different business areas. That’s why it’s worth coming in to chat with us to find out what choices you have, then you can decide on what you believe would suit you according to your likes and dislikes. If you love re-building computers in your spare time, then a Fund Accountant isn’t necessarily the only move for you, maybe you haven’t thought about roles in IT before? Thinking outside the box could bring new avenues you haven’t thought of previously.

I heard that company has long working hours

Yes, there are going to be times when you need to work overtime and stay a little later, but a lot of companies will pay you for those extra hours worked! If not, most will reward you in other ways for your efforts. Perhaps an organisation is going through changes due to a take-over, extreme growth, an absence or the run up to year end, showing willingness to work in busy periods supporting them will no doubt work in your favour. Many of our clients have amazing well-being programmes and have been pushing for flexible working and ensuring their staff have a good work life balance. Generally extensive working hours are not the norm so don’t assume this due to rumours. This could be a conversation to be had at interview stage as every company will have different expectations.

I want to work in HR because I’m a ‘people person’

Of course, being approachable and friendly plays a big part but, HR is so much more than that! In some of the larger companies there may be multiple specialist roles within HR, so think about what exactly it is your interested in. Maybe you’re interested in all the duties so a generalist HR role, maybe you like the idea of just recruitment? You must do some re-search beforehand and really understand the role before you jump in with two feet. Interviewers will test your knowledge and reasoning behind applying. Sometimes people assume HR is predominantly interviewing and recruiting but it’s actually a very diverse and busy administration role too. It can also be dealing with internal issues/complaints (a lot of difficult conversations) then there is the policies and procedures (heavy amounts of admin) therefore my advice would be to research, talk to consultants, talk to people within HR. Remember, knowledge is power!

I want a back step back to a reception role 

Depending on the company reception roles can be demanding so don’t assume, research the position before you apply. With some firms you may be considered as overqualified for a reception role, so why do you want a step back? Is there something the company should know? Put yourself in the employer’s shoes! Most of our clients want experienced receptionists to fulfil their roles so whilst you are potentially more than capable of covering all the duties this role entails, given the option between someone taking a step back and an experienced receptionist I think it would be a no brainer for most? Aside from the experience required to fill the position employers may fear the position wouldn’t offer enough of a challenge for someone that has come from an alternative more senior role. If you really want the step back its key that you can justify why and be able to easily show your transferrable skills.

I want to work in marketing because ‘I’m creative’

This is another one we hear often. We see many candidates, some graduates, some already in employment looking to make a move into the marketing sector as they want to direct their creative ability however, even for a Marketing Assistant role, most recruiters will be looking for either some marketing experience or relevant qualifications. Even at entry level, you will be up against graduates who have marketing degrees therefore you will really need to be able to demonstrate why marketing is for you. Like HR there are many different facets of roles in this sector, some marketing positions never get to be creative! Some are very data driven, some are all about words and writing and some are all about Event management. Salary wise, if you’re a Trust Administrator with an interest in marketing expecting the same money think again! You will need to start at the bottom and even then, it’s going to be tough. So, if you are determined to get into this sector you are going to need to prove that – what courses are available, how can you get some work experience, what networks and groups could you become involved with?

Moving Forward

My advice is that before you make a decision based on something you hear on the jersey jungle drums really think about it first and the same goes for that career change/move – do your research.

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