Job seeking post Covid

There is no denying the impact of Coronavirus on the recruitment marketplace and job searching in general. The world of recruitment has seen massive changes over these past few months with a large majority of our clients freezing activity all together meaning more limited job openings. A selection continued to recruit “remotely” creating new challenges for the job seeker and employer.

So, what do we think are the impacts you need to consider in this new normal? 

And what can we expect from job seeking? 

Here are my top 5 hints and tips for finding a job now.

  • Customise your CV  

Whilst this is not new, we would always advise tailoring your experience with the job you are going for in mind, I believe this is now an essential part of your job search. Do not expect HR/Recruiter/Manager to interpret your CV’s relevance for you! As applications increase “per role” so will your direct competition. Whilst many of our clients will personally review your CV some are considering screening software and right now how high the bar will be set within this software is unclear. Creating a “standard” or “one size fits all” CV will be at your peril! Its essential to tailor each time – the extra effort now is the difference of being shortlisted or not. In a more competitive marketplace why should a decision maker have to hunt out why you are relevant for the role? A cover letter alone does not cut it. Aren’t you already demonstrating a lack of interest or effort if you don’t tailor your approach? And wont is help you reinforce your confidence in the application? With both the HR/Manager reviewing the CV as well as a potential screening software consider using relevant wording that aligns you with the job specification and ensures you are shortlisted. Make it an easy decision for them!

  • Become a pro at virtual interviews

With many people still working from home and the growing familiarity of zoom/teams’ meetings, the increase in this style of interview shall continue to become a standard, make sure you are prepared! Prior to any interview log in and check the software, test it out with your consultant or friends, consider the lighting, is the sound right? What is in the background and could it impact a judgement of you? Seriously all these things should be considered. And don’t forget your posture or presentation! Again, it can be obvious, but we received feedback on personal presentation only very recently. When we are working from home, we may take less time over our personal presentation do not make this mistake for an interview. The less distractions during your meeting gives you more chance to have the focus on you and make that strong first impression. Make sure you are comfortable, tech sorted, and you can be seen and heard in the best light possible (literally!).

  • Be remembered!

With employers spending more time and consideration on deciding to recruit, candidate applications rising, along with tougher criteria, even when you tick all the boxes experience wise you will still need to beat your competitors. So how can you be remembered? Stand out.

I’m not saying go mad with your CV and make huge changes on the way it is presented but to focus on its content. Interviewers look for evidence, backup your skills with clear and real examples – if its about service then provide a customer referral quote, if it’s about delivering a project on time and in budget then provide the evidence, saved or increased profit? then we need to know how, make the reviewer of your CV impressed. The same goes for the “zoom” interview consider those real-life examples that you can share, practice expressing them “telling your story” to ensure they deliver the impact that you want them to. And even if that role was not for you, being remembered could mean you are considered for a future position even if your current application is not the perfect fit.

  • Recruitment Processes will take longer

You will have to wait longer to get a job! With less job opportunities at some companies and many taking more time and consideration before “signing off a role” or deciding to recruit there will be an increase in competition and potentially less time/people to make that decision. Re-align your expectations and Be Patient the market is moving much slower and this is likely to continue. Remain positive and avoid “chasing” the company or recruiter you are dealing with. See no news as good news.


This may sound obvious and should always be part of your job search but the amount of times I have received feedback that “the candidate just didn’t seem to want it that much” speaks volumes. If you feel this is an area of development for you or you have received feedback that through nerves your motivation for the role does not come across then get working on it – now! Practice! Always look for opportunities to reinforce why the role or company interests you, make your comments relevant and current – checking out a business’s social media pages is a great way to see what is happening now – perhaps a round of promotions, a charity commitment or an annual party – all more conversation points to demonstrate you have researched and are excited at what they have to offer. Think about your facial expressions, the positive language and tone you are using etc. Good interviewers will appreciate and understand nerves but a lack of effort on the research side will mean you are crossed off that shortlist.

It is also worth remembering the on line you and every now and again reviewing your profiles to ensure they are up to date and consistent with the way you want to be perceived, if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t list your current role then get it updated or if your last Facebook posts are all about negative reviews – consider what a future employer might think when they review them?

Right now there are positive signs that more confidence is returning to the recruitment market place in Jersey but we still believe it will be more limited, more competitive and slower - invest the time now in preparing yourself and you will reap the benefits.

And if in doubt - give us a call :)