Inspirational Women

Who is your inspirational woman? Please read below about two women who inspire me each and every day, and have done for most of my life.

This month, Toni and Gemma asked that we write a blog about a woman who has inspired us. What a difficult thing to do, pin it down to just one woman! There are so many women who have inspired me. Looking back through history there are so many strong women who come to mind. 

My top two are:- 

Joan of Arc and Katherine Johnson

Both these women have inspired me my whole life. 

Joan defended the nation of France in the siege of Orléans, she went on to become a miliary leader and transcended gender roles back in the 14th century. She did something that women today are struggling to do. A force to be reckoned with. 

Katherine was a mathematician, known as human computers back in the 1960’s, who was responsible for getting man into space and on the moon. Her calculations of orbital mechanics were critical to the success of the first crewed spaceflights. During her 33 year long career at NASA she mastered complex manual calculations and helped the use of computers to perform those tasks. Not only was she the first woman to do this, she was also African-American. She had to overcome the gender and race stereotypes in order to succeed. 

Why are these two women of note to me? Well, they both challenged the preconceptions that women are fragile and unintelligent, and whose only purpose is to look pretty. 

There is a saying that I absolutely agree with. Women are like a teabag, you only know their strength when you put them in hot water 😊