How do you find looking for a job?

Do you find the recruitment process complicated and unfriendly? Have you applied for a role that you’re more than qualified for, but feel like you must jump through hoops to get to first interview stage? If you’ve answered yes, then you’re not alone.

At Park, we often hear that there is a shortage of candidates for roles that our clients are placing with us, they say that there is a talent shortage, and they struggle to recruit the skills they need, and from the candidate’s side they often find that it can be challenging for them to even be seen? 

From the candidate’s perspective, they feel they need to be respected and treated well during the recruitment process. Especially as, if a company can't get it right at this early stage, the candidate won’t want to work for that company and they wonder if organisations think about their experiences during the recruitment process. It's a worry as in these days of social media and everyone’s rush to post their bad experiences online, it’s can be even more frustrating, especially when you think about the power that social media has over us, and the potential damage that can be done to an employer’s brand through these bad experiences. 

As a company, Park always encourages our candidates to do their research on a potential employer, this is to make sure that they know as much as possible about that organisation. They would be advised to look at the company’s website, check their social media accounts to see what they post, and if their ethics, morals, etc., line up to the candidate’s values. This is important, well for me it is. An organisation has to have the same ethics as I do and I ensured that Park did when I did my pre-interview snooping, and obviously they were amazing as I am still working for them over a year later 😊. 

So, you do your checks, you like what you see, you submit your CV and hope you get an interview. All good so far. Or is it? 

Sometimes, candidates can be asked to fill in an application form! This can feel odd as technically all the information you’re submitting on the application form, is already on the CV the employer has. Whilst it may feel like overkill, if you want to be considered for the role you have to suck it up and fall in line with the process. The vast majority of international companies have procedures and processes that are simply part of the application and whilst frustrating once you are through it, the time invested will be well worth it and quickly forgotten, hey sometimes it even prompts you to consider skills or experiences you might have forgotten OR gives you a chance to prove your attention to detail on all those forms. It’s always good to go over your skills with a fine tooth comb and the application process can ensure that you have noted everything, so the client is aware of what you can bring to the table. 

One of the main areas of feedback we receive from candidates who have applied directly is that they can be left feeling like their CV has entered a black hole and they get NO feedback at all. 

That’s why I’d always recommend coming through an agency like Park. We have a good relationship with our clients and know how to navigate their recruitment processes, plus it’s always good to have someone on your side chasing and negotiating for you. 

If you want some help, get in touch with us. I promise you won’t be disappointed.