A Greener Festival

Following the success of last weekends Weekender festival it’s had me reminiscing about my trip to Tomorrowland festival earlier this summer. Tomorrowland is a music festival held each year in a town called Boom in Belgium, this year it welcomed an amazing 400,000 people across two weekends from all over the world!

On arrival to the campsite each tent was given a recycling kit courtesy of The Recycle Club. Whilst in the camp you were encouraged to use the bags provided to separate all waste into the different recycling groups.

Empty Plastic Cups go into the bin with red signage. 

P(lastic and) M(etal) D(rinks packaging) go into the bin with blue signage.

Food leftovers, cutlery, crockery and napkins (all Compostables) go into the bin with green signage. 

Other (or General Waste) go into the bin with black signage.

In Dreamville all festival goers were encouraged to watch live recycling in action and see how their rubbish can be transformed with a 3D printer into a range of useful items such a bottle openers and drinking cups.

It’s inspiring to see how a global festival that produces tons and tons of waste every year still puts recycling at the forefront of their activities and works to educate visitors on how simple changes to waste disposal can make a big impact.