Graduates - what next?

By April Roberts

After a long three years of studying, I bet you are now thinking about the long summer ahead and all the beach days you have planned. But first, you have a big decision to make... what are you going to do now? Maybe you are not quite ready to move into the working world, or you feel overwhelmed with all the options you must choose from. I bet some of you are even thinking about booking that one-way ticket to travel the world. There is no doubt this is a challenging time for you but also an exciting one, the Uni days are behind you and its time to start your next adventure.

Whilst supporting our graduate job seekers we have noticed that several of them have felt disheartened as they don’t have any or very little work experience and lack confidence in how they can respond to some interview questions.

Well, we want to remind you that all experience is GOOD experience and can offer you heaps of examples…

  • Saturday or summer job?

  • Babysitting?

  • Prefect at school?

  • Sports Club?

  • Worked on a team project at Uni?

These can all show great transferable skills and are able to help you demonstrate skills during competency-based interviews. Future employers aren’t going to expect you to have heaps of experience as they know you are finding that first role however what they do expect is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and progress.

So, what options do you have?

  • Attending opening days

    • This gives you a chance to get to know companies better, see what they can offer YOU, and if you can see yourself working there.

  • Signing up to an agency

    • Have a dedicated recruitment consultant who will ensure you understand the jobs that are available completely before you start applying.

    • Gain full knowledge about the market and where you can transfer your studies and skills.

    • Advise you of any temporary or contract assignments available to you.

    • We take the hard work away so you can have peace of mind knowing that we are working away in the background.

    • Gaining expert interview advice and support to ensure you secure that ideal role!

    • Negotiating job offers on your behalf.

  • Thinking about travelling? 

    • We can cater for long- and short-term assignments to earn money before you leave, as well as giving you some more experience for when you return.

  • Start Applying for roles sooner rather than later.

    • The early bird gets the worm! Ensure you beat the “rush” and secure employment. This way you have the option to start as soon as you finish your studies, or enjoy the summer knowing you have a role secured from September.

Whether you decide to travel, or work, know that you have worked hard, and the right role will be out there for you!

Get in touch to arrange a chat with one of our consultants to hear more about your options and how we can help on | 01534 871666