The Gender paygap and Battle of the Bonuses!

When it comes to the gender pay gap, it seems that the scores are still not levelling - especially when we reach the bonus round!

Whilst we have made progress since this picture was taken and the gap is narrowing we are still not there yet! The latest National Management Salary Survey, released by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and salary survey specialists XpertHR, reveals that the average gender pay gap has fallen to a 25% disparity: a welcome development; but still leaving much to be desired!

With female employees earning more than men at entry level for the third year running, it seems as though women are finally starting to give men a run for their money in the salary stakes.

The survey shows that as women rise up the management levels they start to lose out and when it comes to the bonus round, when the gloves are off and the stakes are high, women are being left in the dust:

Men stand to earn over £141,500 more in bonuses than women in the same role over the course of a working lifetime. On average male managers take home twice what women do in bonus payments (£6,442 compared to £3,029). Men are more likely than women to get a bonus across all management levels (42.3 per cent compared to 40.6 per cent)