Creating the perfect CV

Our clients are predominantly financial & professional services so when it comes to CV's and job applications in general we often advise a touch of caution in your creativity - however, when you are applying in the creative field you have a real opportunity to show potential employers your skills from that very first time you introduce yourself.

This is exactly what Mrs MacHatter did when making an application to creative agency Made Brave not only did she present her CV in a message in a bottle but sent her husband dressed up as the madhatter to deliver it. The unique cover letter in a bottle read “There is no great genius, without a touch of madness.”

It seems traditional CV's are really a thing of the past for Made Brave and another candidate introduced himself with a smokin’ hot nod to the swagger of the New York advertising scene during the 1960s by rolling up various notes on his experience and examples of work into fake, numbered cigarettes and housed them in a personalised cigarette box. So impressive and one way to ensure you bag that interview!