Cool offices - we all want to work in one!

I have been hunting for a clock for our office. (Why are these little searches so difficult? Either they don’t deliver to Jersey or they are out of stock or I can’t make a decision!) We decorated last year and still need some final touches but it’s got me thinking……..everyone wants to work in a cool office don’t they? In fact some of our candidates list it as one of their requirements and there are now many reports that show a correlation in happiness at work and the impact of the environments we work within upon both happiness and productivity.

It’s clear how much design has changed over the years from large open plan offices with the boss looking over all the minions, to small cubicle spaces or pods there is a huge variation in what people think works best. In more recent years, freedom, movement, space and light have been a huge factor for creating a productive working environment and with technological advancement and our world becoming more cloud based, working spaces have evolved and developed into some really fun and interesting ones. Here are just a few brands that really have awesome places of work - click to see what I mean!