Career Development with Highlands

We've just received this weeks Jersey Weekly and love their feature on career development, focusing on academic qualifications available in the island post secondary education.

Jersey Weekly

Professor Sallis makes reference to new courses available this year including a Foundation Degree in Accounting and Finance and a Foundation Degree in Business Management both in conjunction with the University of Plymouth.

The University of Southampton also offer Jersey business students an MBA - Master in Business Administration.

An MBA covers areas such as:

Effective Leadership Marketing Quality & Operations Management Accounting: MEasuring and Managing Performance Corporate Finance Strategy managing People Decision Modelling & Analysis The next courses start in September and registration and application are being accepted now.

Normal entrance requirements are that you are over 25, with 5 years significant experience and a honours degree or additional relevant work experience.

Part time study will take 2 years.

Further details are available in Jersey Weekly or by contacting Sarah Thelland at Highlands Administration.