Barclay's Life Skills - Social Media

Social media has been forefront in the news lately- we have discussed previously how social media can be detrimental when finding a new role- however it can also be used as a positive, social media can be a great way (if used correctly) to show the world your looking for work - Think of it as your virtual CV and start sharing with people and companies that you like.

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Launched in May 2013 - Barclays, is a free curriculum-linked programme designed to give young people in the UK access to the skills, information and opportunities they need to help them towards getting the jobs they want.

You may have seen some of the adverts that have been on TV, have a look on Barclay's page where you can see various life skills, this is great initiative in assisting job seekers with gaining confidence, giving tips on writing CV's and generally being as employable as you possibly can!