Happy well being week! How do you enjoy and look after your well-being? 

For me, it’s all about balance. I enjoy my family time, I enjoy my work, I enjoy my exercise, and I can't not have one without the other. 

Having all 3 gives me peace, it balances my week, it keeps me mentally stimulated but also de-stresses me. Managing your day, your week and your time properly can give your life solid harmony which makes for a more productive and happy life. 

The most important part to the equation, is that I’ve figured out my winning formula, and prioritise these 3 things for consistent well-being in my life. Take the time to sit down and figure out what’s most important to you, what brings you joy, what is good for your mind and your health, then you can construct your time perfectly to focus on your well-being throughout day-to-day life.

Life is short, don't look back thinking you wish you'd looked after yourself more, or spent more quality time with family. Take time to self reflect, set targets which are realistic and achievable on a daily basis, and make sure your well-being is high on the priority list!