The art of switching off!

I am back from nearly 2 weeks off, and ready to smash Q4. I’ve returned energised, relaxed, and ready to dive right back into it. 

As I catch up on emails/handovers, I would like to talk about the importance of switching off and the value of a reliable team. 

When we take a holiday, the primary goal is to unplug from work, rest, and recharge, and enjoy some well-deserved time off! 

It’s easy to say, ‘Just switch off!’, but some of us will still feel the urge to check that notification, and quickly respond to that email. Or do you feel you need to check your inbox in case something gets missed? Or maybe you really do want to unplug from work but you’re getting texts/emails/phone calls from clients/colleagues/managers… 

For me, being able to switch off and ‘step away’ is knowing I have a reliable team that steps in during my absence and takes care of it all, seamlessly. Trusting your team to handle your workload is very important in the workplace – you must trust that they will do a good job and not disappoint you/your clients – it demonstrates teamwork, collaboration, and respect. 

We have all heard about work-life balance… and how important it is… well, switching off during your time off is a big part of it (believe it or not). Read a book, enjoy a cocktail, go for a walk, spend some time pursuing old hobbies, or simply relax! 

When moving jobs, finding an environment that values work-life balance and teamwork is essential. Look for an employer who will encourage you to take well-deserved breaks and support one another during team absences. 

If you struggle to take time off or feel guilty for not being at work during your well-deserved break, then get in touch with us, and we can tell you all about our clients who offer real work-life balance, holidays, and a genuinely nice environment to work for! 

Thanks, Team Park – it was great to switch off, enjoy the sunshine & cocktails! ☀