Losing the love in your work?

With Valentines Day approaching (and about all things love), it prompts people to think about their relationships with partners, family, friends – however, this could also be the perfect time to think about how in love you are with your job! 

Are you pondering those feelings of a “break up” on the horizon? Feel like the relationship is all give and take? There are some things that can be done to avoid feeling like this and make it feel like a match made in heaven. 

1 — TRUST THOSE ‘GUT FEELINGS’ The first step is to pay attention to those feelings and acknowledge early on if something’s not quite right. Your feelings should not be ignored. Don’t ignore those feelings of uneasiness about work. Don’t bury those feelings either, your gut is giving you that feeling for a reason. Listen to your body and take action. 

2 — GET TO THE ROOT OF THE ISSUE The next step is to understand the cause. Consider what’s working and not working in your job. Are there specific tasks in your role that drain you? Certain clients you dread working with? Or particular projects or work in your business that you keep putting off? Understanding the reasons behind your dissatisfaction helps you build awareness of what you want and will inform your decisions moving ahead. 

3 — SPEND TIME ON THE THINGS YOU LOVE OUTSIDE WORK Not enjoying your job like you used to? This will also heavily impact your life outside of work and finding joy in what you normally do. Make time for those things that you love and bring you happiness in your outside life and focus on your wellbeing. This could help you have a clearer prospective on the issues and reason for your work relationship break up. 

4 — TAKE ACTION Finally, start exploring what you do want as it relates to your work. You need to understand what is important you, what are your values and beliefs. Once you have established the root cause of the break up, where the spark is missing and what you do love to do, speak to someone. 

Ideally someone within the recruitment market, who can have an informal chat with you, assist you in identifying your strengths and discuss your next steps. We are always happy to have coffee chats (who doesn’t love a coffee!!) Get in touch with us before those break up chats need to happen!!