What's important to you?

What do you look for when you're making a significant change in your life? What do you feel is important. My blog this week is all about temp and contract roles.

What is important to you? 

When you are looking to change something, anything, what is important to you? If you were going to change your car, what would be of paramount importance to you? What is a priority, what would you look for? 

Is it the same when you’re looking to change your job? Do you have criteria that you feel are important in the next role you’re looking for? If you were going to buy something big and expensive like a car, would you do market research and gain other people’s opinions on that car? You would definitely take it for a test drive, get a feel for it, make sure it’s a good fit for your circumstances. No point buying a 3 door sporty hatch if you have young children, 5 doors would be vital so that you can get the kids in and out easily and a big boot is a must, as we all know kids come with a lot of “stuff”! If you’re single you might opt for that 3 door sporty number. 

Do you feel like I’m leading you? When you’re looking for a job, do you do the same research, go on their websites, read up on those organisations, make sure they fit in with what you’re ideally looking for. Would you perhaps consider temping as a “test drive” on a new role? 

I’m using the above as an intro into what is happening at Park this month. From Monday, 21st November, Park are celebrating all things “temp”. This is because we value our temps and the work that they do. Look out for my blog that week and our social media for who we feel deserves the title of Park Temp of the Year 2022

Being a temp is similar to buying a new car, a try before you commit type scenario. It gives you, as a temp, the chance to see what the work would be like, and if you could do it on a permanent basis. For our clients it gives them to opportunity to fill a gap in their team with someone who they can train and see how they take to the role, work within the team, find the systems, processes and ethics that they work to. We have definitely seen a rise in our temps being offered permanent positions by just going in, bringing their full self to work each day and working hard. 

Also, if you’re on a “Gap” year and want to earn some cash before going to Uni, consider getting some good financial services experience on your CV and come chat to us. 

If you’re interested in temping, have experience in customer service, are dynamic and want to progress your career, please get in touch, email your CV to jobs@park.je.