Perfect your interview skills with role plays!

Nobody really likes interviews, your nerves as well as the fear of not being able to deliver all the things you want to get across, can be a real barrier!

We have just read an interesting article in The Guardian 's career blog discussing the merits of role playing to achieve interview success!

As the article states............ practice really does make perfect !

This is particularly relevant for competency based questions. Story-telling techniques can allow you to give a better picture of how you work and practicing how these sound give you the added benefit of being able to see yourself as the interviewer may. Use CAR (challenge – action – result) or a STAR (Situation - task - action - result) formats in competency-type questions, such as "Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a problem". Prepare four or five stories showing you have the key skills for the role, as well as the usual communication, problem-solving and team-working skills.