My Work Experience by Carris Harper

Currently being a student at Highlands studying my first year of Business and Finance we get placed with a Company that suits the course we are doing. We could list 3 industries we would like to spend 2 weeks in. I chose Trust, Finance and Recruitment. I was then placed at Park Personnel where I contacted Gemma to arrange an interview. The following week I came in for an interview (more of a friendly chat). My interview was with Celia and Megan who were so friendly and welcoming, Gemma also introduced herself. Some advice for an interview is make sure you are prepared, dressed appropriately and know a bit about the company!

My first day came around rather fast and I was very nervous. When I arrived, I was greeted by the team and instantly felt at ease. Megan took me through the system and what I would be doing. My main roles were answering the phone, responding to emails, scanning, booking appointments and having time for myself to look at jobs that are in the finance industry, I wrote reports on competitors and clients, I also ran a few errands which included buying some flowers for the reception area! I was given lots of responsibilities and jobs to do, meaning I was always busy. The team were great they were friendly and ensured I was always involved. I was very nervous to answer the phone to clients or customers, so a helpful tip is to ensure you have a notepad and pen to take down any useful information the person on the phone is saying.

My two weeks consisted of coming in each the morning logging onto the computer and responding to emails. Looking at appointments we have today, booking people in for appointments, answering the phone and transferring them through to the appropriate consultant. I would also greet any candidates and take them through to the meeting room and offer them a drink. If they needed to register I would use the iPad to register the candidate. I would also copy up candidate’s CV’s into the Park template and do some scanning. As well as any little projects the team have for me.

I was also involved in the campaign which was the Keepcups. This is a great thing Park are doing. Park have joined with Cargo Coffee Bar and are giving Keepcups to candidates on their first day which entitles them to a free coffee at Cargo. This is also a lovely gift to the candidate and will be helping the environment! Park really are a great business, not only do they take care of work experience students and candidates, but they also do their bit for the environment!

As the second week began we went for a marketing breakfast at Cargo! This was a great start to the day. Talking about marketing over some yummy scrambled egg and bacon! At the start of my second week Megan gave me some great news which was that the Team would love to keep me for another week. This was so exciting as I had already enjoyed my time and would now spend another week here!

I didn’t expect to have the responsibilities I was given I thought I would be sat scanning all day…bored, this was definitely not the case! I learnt so much about what a recruitment agency does as well as the finance industries and jobs that Jersey have. The main thing I learnt about recruitment is what a temp is and the stages of joining a recruitment agency.

Overall my experience at Park has been a roller-coaster of new experiences, new knowledge and grown confidence. Carly, Celia, Megan, Gemma and Toni have been a great group of people to work with and have made my experience something to remember!

Thank you so much Park! ?