Ladies- This one is for you

Ladies- This one is for you

International Women’s Day 2023 

I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide who I was going to nominate as my inspirational women this time around. Yes, there are a few celebrities/ Sports personalities and even the odd politician that sprung to mind but nothing really stood out as a strong enough reason to officially shout about. 

So, it got me thinking, who do I admire and look up to and what is it about them that resonates and inspires me? To put it quite simply, it’s Women in general. 

The women who are bossing their careers, women who are sat on boards advising and mentoring the younger generation. The mum who is navigating the school run after 3 hours sleep with a teething baby in tow. The women who are taking some time out for themselves. The mum on maternity leave putting her career on a pause whilst she tackles her newest role. The business owners/ the side hustlers and the jugglers! 

Toni and I have been lucky enough to meet some truly inspirational women as part of our Podcast series. Women who have created and are thriving in their own businesses, women in leadership roles who are inspiring others, ladies who have faced diversity and prejudice within their career choice and just about everything in between. I can honestly say I have walked away inspired after each and every conversation and have had taken some key takeaways for both home and personal life and that’s personal growth right!

I’m really proud to live in a community where us women are making a difference. It has been great to see new businesses flourish/ women supporting women within their career and personal lives. Support groups and networking opportunities for us to get advice and guidance and generally give each other a big up has been refreshing to witness and watch evolve. 

So, for this International Women’s day- I celebrate simply us.

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