Job searching over Christmas

As we approach the Christmas season, the recruitment world tends to slow down with people putting their search on hold until the New Year or giving their employer another ‘chance’. 

I personally think there is no better time to look than the weeks coming up to Christmas! 

Interviewing over Christmas gives you the opportunity to really see what the culture and office environment is like with these potential employers, and also gives you the chance to potentially start the New Year with exciting news and changes to your career. 

Here at Park, we offer you support from the minute you get in touch with us – we’re there every step of the way, helping you with interview prep, juggling all interviews, and making sure you get the best deal out there. But most importantly we make sure you find your happy place

If you are considering a potential career move in the New Year, why not come and chat with us now and get the ball rolling – who knows… New Year, new you, new job!