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Today my blog highlights Parks charity link for 2024.

I recently read a post that said, to make a difference you don’t have to be amazing, rich, talented, or beautiful, you just have to care. This resonated with me hugely on two levels, the first was from a CSR point of view as this year Park has chosen to support Tiny Seeds. We care deeply about the charities we support and are hoping to raise a lot of awareness for them, oh and of course money. 

What do you know about Tiny Seeds? Well for those who are maybe unfamiliar with why they are around I’ll give you a bit of background. 

Tiny Seeds was founded in order to support islanders who face struggles with their fertility. Through their monthly support meetings, regular meetings to discuss specific areas of treatment and infertility, and a private online support group, they provide practical and emotional support while helping people to know that they are not alone during what can be an incredibly difficult and very isolating time in their lives. 

Infertility is classed as a disease by the World Health Organisation, yet sadly there is often a stigma and taboo that surrounds it. This is something Tiny Seeds aim to reduce through their work by raising greater awareness of what living with infertility is really like and to offer advice on how to best support those who are going through it, whether that is a friend, family member or within the workplace. 

1 in 6 people struggle with fertility, I have friends and family who have struggled to start and grow their family, so knowing how this has affected them brought it home to me when we were choosing which charity to support in 2024. We are planning lots of events in the lead up to the summer so please watch this space and if you’re able to support them by attending our events, buying the cakes we bake or by simply donating, please do, it will make a massive difference to them. 

The second reason it resonated with me was not necessarily the line you don’t have to be…… but more importantly you have to care, and I know that Park cares about the clients and candidates we support. We listen to what the client needs from their employees, and what our candidates want as they journey into the next stage of their career to ensure we match both.

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 Tiny Seeds

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