Flexible working..... the key to growth !

We always wish to have more part time or flexible working roles for our candidates and whilst we often have temporary roles the opportunities for flexible working hours tend to be few and fair between.

We have just read an interesting article featured on People Management that suggest both politicians and the public agree that promoting flexibility in the workforce is one of the the keys to stimulating economic growth.

Tom Hadley, REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) director of policy and professional services, says: “We must move away from the out-dated notion that traditional full-time work is the only viable or desirable form of employment. The assumption that all of those working in a part-time or temporary capacity are only doing so because they can’t find full-time work doesn't reflect reality. Instead, flexible working is embraced by individuals for a variety of reasons. Decision-makers must recognise this and support this important tool to promote much-needed economic growth.”