To find the best, be the best!

We were discussing with a client recently just how important the interview process is and how it is not just important from the angle of those going out to be interviewed!

In a challenging market it is more important than ever that you make the right recruitment decision and therefore clearly hiring "the best" people for the role. As an employer it is therefore just as important to remember that you need to stand out as the one who gave "the best" interview too.

Whilst it is the interviewee’s job to impress and provide the evidence that they are the right candidate for the position, as an employer competing in a small Island in a limited talent pool, you also need to stand out as being the best company to work for!

The impression on your potential member of staff starts in the recruitment process so make sure it is clear, professional and a positive experience for all parties. See the person you interview as an opportunity to gain an ambassador for your business. They may well not be right for the role you have today but leave a positive impression and the door could be open for them in the future - and who knows they may just “know a man who can” and refer more candidates to your business! It may sound exaggerated but I know from experience in a small Island first impressions can have a huge impact.