Xmas and your job search

Christmas is coming......... 

We often get asked, do people still look for new jobs over Christmas? The answer is mainly - No they don't!

Because of the commotion surrounding this time of the year, it can be very tempting to delay your job search until the New Year…. Our advice to this is don’t wait! 

You can get ahead of the competition and do you know why you shouldn’t wait until the new year? Because that’s exactly what everyone else will do. Scores of people will make semi-empty promises about starting afresh. Things like joining a gym, going on a diet and finding a new job all come under that bracket. 

This means that come January, you’ll be competing with a ton of mega enthusiastic people. So, why waste all of December delaying the inevitable! 

Though recruitment does tend to slow down during December, your competition does also. 

Why make life harder for yourself? Grab your laptop, get your CV in check and get in touch with us. You can always half-watch Home Alone whilst you look through Park’s website 😊