The Wellbeing Series with Grant Henderson

This week we are delighted to start a new series of podcasts focused on Wellbeing and in this episode we welcome Grant Henderson from Active Chiropractic Clinic. 

Grant is an experienced McTimoney Chiropractor, and has been practising in Jersey for the last 30 years. As well as being a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors he has undertaken extensive training as a Medical Acupuncturist, gaining a PGDip in Western Medical Acupuncture. Soon after arriving in Jersey, Grant recognised the need for professional workstation advice and trained as a workstation assessor. He provides a consultancy service to a wide range of employers in Jersey to enhance staff wellbeing. He carries out workstation assessments, offers seminars on improving posture in the workplace and provides specialist office equipment including sit stand desks and ergonomic office chairs. 

Grant is passionate about posture and has performed thousands of assessments for employers, helping office workers in Jersey to be more comfortable, more relaxed and more productive at work.

 We loved chatting to Grant about both his career and his experience. Thank you so much Grant for joining us!

So sit up straight and get listening 😊