Temporary Workers week 2022

In this blog we introduce you to Temporary Workers week 2022

Welcome to Park’s temporary workers week 2022 

Today marks the start of our annual ‘Temp Worker Week’ where we look at all things temping and why not only can it be a career changer but also a career highlight for so many people.

At Park we like to recognise the hard work of our Temporary workforce and are therefore delighted to be running “Park Temp 2022” allowing us to reward and encourage outstanding performance whilst obtaining and giving feedback and ensuring high standards are being maintained. 

We kicked things off a few weeks back by inviting all our clients to nominate their temps for Park Temp 2022, the lucky winner of which will be announced this Friday. You may ask why we put so much time into running this competition every year and the simple answer is, temps deserve to be recognised for the additional support they provide to a business. Whilst they may not be a permanent member of staff, they are still equally as important within all aspects of the business and add real value to the role and the team. 

So, what has 2022 brought for Park temps? We have seen a huge increase in the number of temps, +75% on last year to be exact! We have also seen a number of new clients looking to bring temps into their businesses from a variety of sectors to include finance, construction and the hospitality sector. 

Usually, temp roles will arise if a certain project is being rolled out and a few extra pairs of hands are needed to assist. We also get roles to provide cover if a permanent member of staff is taking a few months out, this could be for various reasons such as being assigned a project, maternity leave, long term sickness, sabbaticals etc. There are also occasions where temp work may be considered as a trial for both parties, if you’re switching sectors or taking on a new challenge then both yourself and the employer may want to test the waters before you jump straight into a permanent contract. 

Nearly all the roles we have for temporary assignments have fixed working hours that are agreed prior to starting, we have even seen temporary roles offering hybrid working arrangements and part time working hours (unheard of in previous years!) 

Whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea there are a lot of reasons why temping can be a great opportunity for many different people. So perhaps you’ve recently finished University/College and want to experience the world of finance? or, maybe you’re looking to make a career change and not quite sure what route to go down? Perhaps you are looking at relocating and are only available for a set period? Well, temping could be the answer! For some taking on a temp role has led to them finding the career they didn’t even know they wanted, for others it’s allowed them to gain valuable experience whilst building up their travelling fund and then others it has given them the flexibility to suit their lifestyles. 

We started the week with a podcast discussing the above and our own experiences of temping, our current temporary positions plus much more! If you are thinking of temping and keen to understand more about what it involves, please do get in touch as we would love to talk through your options, keep an eye on our website and socials the rest of the week to hear more about our week and to celebrate our wonderful temps!