Happiness at work

As we come to the end of International Week of Happiness at Work, I thought I’d jump on here and talk about it too! 

There has been loads around this topic this past week, which seems to have reminded a lot of people that our happiness in the workplace matters and that there are actionable steps we can take to make it a reality. 

There are many factors to happiness at work, and one thing to remember is that ‘happiness’ looks and feels very different to everyone. 

For me happiness at work is…

  • Looking forward to coming to work every morning 
  • Knowing I’m making a difference every day 
  • Having a team that works together and supports each other
  • Being part of a work environment that values everyone’s ideas and efforts
  • Having a give-and-take flexible environment

Being happy in your workplace will lead to better work relationships with colleagues, handling stress more effectively, and having an enhanced sense of purpose/fulfilment from your role.

If you're currently on the hunt for a new job, get in touch and we can chat about finding you your happy place, so you can celebrate happiness at work every single day!