Fear v Comfort

What can we guarantee in life? Death, taxes, and change!

Today we’ll look at change…. Death and taxes can be another blog 😉…...Why are we so afraid of change? 

We are seeing the job market slow down as we approach the festive season, we ask ourselves why is this? Responses we get are centered on work being quieter in December, therefore easy, therefore safe. Some people call off their job search completely by the time we reach December because “It’s better to face the devil you know”, no one wants to take the perceived ‘risk’ of moving jobs, or they’ll pick up the search again in the New Year – but why? 

I’ve read articles or heard successful athletes saying that “fear is the enemy of progress”. I think we should take change in our stride, as, it’s inevitable. We have many conversations with people searching for jobs who say, “I’d like more money,” “I’m looking for a promotion”, “I’d like flexible working”, then they get cold feet – why? 

People are afraid to leave environments they know, even if the environment isn’t a good one – after all, something sparked off the desire to look for a new job. Change is certainly scary, but I think we should look to embrace change, rather than fear it. Yes, we are more comfortable with what we know, but does that mean what we know is the best thing for us, or the best opportunity we will ever get? Will remaining stationary make us happy? 

Most of the time we search for a new job when we aren’t happy! Will we say no to all other opportunities for the rest of our lives? Richard Branson once said: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” What a mindset to have! Grasp all good opportunities with both hands, then figure it out later.

As we approach the New Year, the very concept of this revolves around change – New Year Resolutions. Lots of people stick to their comfort zones in December, but then in January, suddenly it’s the time to make lots of change, and most of the time, by February, we’re back to the old ways anyway – because it’s easy and comfortable. 

Comfort is good, it’s nice, its safe, but don’t let it be the enemy of your progress. If you don’t take risks, seize new opportunities, and embrace change in life nothing will ever change for you. Life’s greatest lessons are learnt from change, whether successful or not, even if something doesn’t work out, you’ll be stronger and wiser from it, resulting in a good, empowering change. Carpe diem people! 

No one says change is easy, but that’s what Park are here for. We’ll go for a coffee, a spot of lunch, maybe a cheeky mulled wine and talk you through your options, give career advice and offer solutions. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it doesn’t have to be feared – Change will allow you to surpass expectations, smash your goals and help you learn and develop. I mean, that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are about, smashing the gym goals…. But let’s smash our life goals all year round! Why shouldn’t you achieve what you want to in life? 

Even if that thought is in your head about making a change and you want to chat it through, feel free to get in touch, our consultants are super friendly, love coffee, lunch, and wine – it’s a no-lose situation! 🤣 

Have a great December, enjoy getting ready for the New Year, but remember, you don’t have to wait for some momentous occasion to achieve your goals.