A Career in Series- Claire Boscq- Scott

This episode features Claire- Boscq Scott- Originally from France, Claire started her working life in the hospitality industry, working at the Epcot Centre in Disney World, Florida. Moving to Jersey in 2000, Claire ran the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel, then opened the refurbished Royal Yacht. She also worked at the L’Horizon Hotel before setting up her own business in 2009, The Busy Queen Bee, which was the only pan-island Mystery Shopping company, inspiring businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

She has recently taken up the post of CEO of the Jersey Hospitality Industry - It's a super busy time for Claire and today we wanted to pick her brains to hear about their career thus far and what attracted her and has kept her in her various roles.

It is clear the Customer Service is Claire's passion and we wish her all the very best in her new role at this exciting time for both the Island and the hospitality industry.