Can your name impact your salary?

New report shows the value of your name against your salary

If you're a man called Ed you should be quidsin ! And what about Liz - shes loaded! 

According to Adzunas global survey it has been revealed that the highest earning female name typically earns £22,570 less than the highest earning male name.

And looking further at the gender pay gap, the first female name appears (at a scary) 317th place in the list! The job search engines "ValueMyName" tool took first name and salary data from more than 500,000 CVs to provide an average salary for 1200 first names.

The highest earning name is Ed, which attracted an average salary of £61,362, compared to the highest earning female name Liz, who earned an average salary of £38,792.

English names dominate the Top 10 list on ValueMyName, but they are joined by French name Philippe (£57,787) in fourth place and the Indian name Ashok (£54,830) in eighth