Working Parents- this one is for you!

It's back to school!

Working parents- this one’s for you…….

As we come to the end of the summer holidays and what feels like day 544,435,355 of entertaining our delightful children – dreams of long hot days on the beach are over (I mean did we even get one??). It’s finally back to school time, uniforms are already ironed, the custom photo on the step is planned and it’s off to the teachers they go.

So where does that leave you? Without the sound of Cocomelon (if you know, you know….) blaring on in the background, you may just have 5 minutes to yourself to think and reflect….

Is it time for a new role? Am I being challenged enough in my current job? Is it time for a change? Could I do something different? If the answer is “Yes” then please get in touch.

Our doors on Hill Street are now back open (yay) and we can’t wait to start welcoming people back in to Park Towers, we make a decent brew and I promise you can drink it in peace without anyone tugging at your sleeve or shouting for the TV channel to be changed/another snack or a “Mmuuuummm…Daadddddd, I’m bored” holler).

If ever is a good time to re-evaluate and make a change then it is now. There has never been a better time to look for a new employer; hot topics are flexibility, work/life balance and wellbeing in the workplace.

There are many fantastic businesses recruiting and there are some really exciting roles out there at the moment. Our team at Park work hard in understanding you/your skills as well as listening to what it is you would actually like to do and tailor our search to ensure it is right for you.

So please do reach out. We love a chat and will do our very best to find you that change.

Now to start think of Halloween costumes, Christmas trees and presents from Santa…(Gulp).