What are you waiting for?

It’s now the end of May and as we say every year, where does the time go? 

So, as we fly into Q3 of 2022, what may that hold for you? 

Have you had personal development discussions within the workplace that have not materialised so far? Perhaps you are feeling a bit flat at the thought of going to work in the mornings? Slight envy towards friends and family who may have better working flexibilities than you? Then there is one thing for it… Get yourself moving and look at what is available to you…..You may well be surprised! 

I have been there and have felt the same, I started to look at what options were available to me within the banking sector (after all that’s where I had been for 10 years!!), When low and behold… My dream job was advertised, a Recruitment Consultant at Park. I jumped straight at the opportunity to make contact and to find out more about the opportunity, whilst my mind tried to remind me that I was obviously meant to be within banking, given how long I had been in the industry – how dare I think of taking a completely new change? 

The ball was soon rolling with Park, having discussions and setting up interviews etc. Then the magical day came where I received my offer of employment. I cannot describe the emotion of happiness and gratitude of being offered this opportunity, whilst not surprisingly feeling slight anxiety of moving away from the world that I had known for so long, the world in which I had personally and professionally grown in. 

So here I am, a month into the team and what a month it has been, from successfully placing a candidate into a new role within my first 2 weeks, to breaking the mind barriers of the financial world, settling into my new world of recruitment, were I couldn’t feel more at home. 

What I am trying to say is, if the above relates to you in anyway, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and even quite possibly look at “reinventing” you again, the only way you are going to know what gets the best out of you, is to try! 

There are a couple of things that I have learnt in the month that I have been with Park, which may help you on your journey: 

  • DO NOT lie on your CV – this is a massive no no, you will always be caught out 
  • If you are taking a side step or changing direction altogether – be realistic of your salary expectations VS your experience and qualifications that you can offer your new employer – a new job doesn’t necessarily mean more money 
  • Don’t take the mickey when negotiating employment terms i.e. wanting 3 working days for a full salary, it may be a candidates market but again be realistic 
  • Be honest with Recruitment Consultants, we can only help you as much as the information you have given to us 
  • Most importantly be yourself!