Temp Worker Week - Day 3

Temp contracts don’t only benefit workers, they also can be an asset to organisations during busy or challenging times. With the festive period upon us some clients require additional support to successfully manage their busy workload, bringing temps on board during these times can be absolutely crucial for some businesses as you’ll see below. Other clients may have projects that need to be completed within a strict deadline and existing members of staff already have a long list of duties to fulfil. This is where we see temporary staff being taken on for a length of time with the purpose of completing a specific project. It provides employment to the individual for an agreed timeframe whilst meeting the business needs and targets. It’s a win-win situation for both we think!


‘Jersey Choice is primarily a bedding plants and flower gift company. Due to the nature of our business we are very busy in the call centre at our seasonal peaks and we need to take on temporary staff to bring our numbers up. Having the extra staff creates a lively atmosphere and it’s always nice to get to know new people! We think of our temp staff as full members of the team, and we often ask them to stay on at the end of the season or even join us full time.’


‘Park has worked extremely hard to find me the right temporary member of staff for our business, for us team fit was crucial and Park were excellent at explaining the candidates background and why they felt the individual would be an asset to our team.

The reason I needed a temp was to cover a period of maternity and this has worked out very nicely for us, I have never used a temporary member of staff before and we have felt that it has been a huge benefit to us- the expectations are clear from the start for both parties and we have loved having her with us.’