Should have gone to specsavers......!

Some of the team at Park enjoyed this weeks local Chamber of Commerce lunch featuring Dame Mary Perkins of Specsavers.

Dame Mary founded the Specsavers Optical Group in 1984 in Guernsey with her husband, Doug. The company has grown to be the largest privately owned optical company in the world with an annual turnover of £1.6 billion! Its amazing what they have achieved. At the event Dame Mary discussed how Specsavers have grown carefully and steadily from one store in Guernsey in 1984 to 1,600 stores in 10 countries with no debts and no loans! It was a well attended and really interesting lunch which included discussion on their fab advertising campaigns! All of us here at Park love their “should have gone to” campaign, click on the below links to be reminded of just a few….