Should female candidates HAVE to wear make-up to interviews?

Should female candidates HAVE to wear make-up to interviews?

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Do you think female candidates should have to wear make up to an interview? I have been reading an interesting article on Recruitment Grapevine on the subject.

How important is image when it comes to recruitment? The old issue of whether or not candidates should be expected to dress in full regalia for a job interview has reared its ugly head again after a TV guest suggested that she would not hire a female candidate if they weren’t wearing make-up.

During an interview on This Morning, Rebecca Jane, Founder of The Lady Detective Agency, and journalist Shona Sibary debated whether or not women need to wear make-up to get ahead in their careers.

Jane claimed that she would not hire a woman unless she wore make up whilst Sibary did not agree - The Daily Star reports.

Sibary said: "I would rather someone walk away from me and think ‘what a lovely person’ or ‘what an interesting person’ rather than ‘aren’t her eyebrows in perfect shape'."

How candidates present themselves during an interview situation is of high importance – but should that come down to whether or not they are wearing make-up?

In terms of how candidates dress, research by workwear provider Simon Jersey found that 22% of those hiring admitted to dismissing a candidate based on their appearance. 73% of the respondents surveyed said that the way a candidate dresses reflects their attitude towards their job - and two-thirds (66%) of bosses believe they can measure someone’s job performance based on their attire.