The Rise of the Machines

Where do I start? This has been an ongoing theme for some time and is constantly evolving. I want to look at the big picture - where will we be in 20 years’ time? Where were we 20 years ago?

What’s changed and is the rise of the machines becoming even more prevalent?

As recruiters, we are seeing technology change the game - is the rise of the machines happening after all? Over the last 2 years, we’ve been forced to face the truth - essentially all office workers can work from home and there is no need for offices - would you agree?

More and more we are seeing this impact the market, people seem to be less focused on money, but more focused on who can accommodate hybrid working so they can be at home and spend more time with their families. Can they amend their hours to work evenings as they can now log on at any time and there is no commute time or worries about setting off office alarms by going in late. Technology has forced businesses to change and adapt the way they work and the way they manage their employees. We’ve seen and continue to see great progress on this from our clients.

We now see job descriptions coming through where under requirements is “must have experience carrying out the role virtually” for example. We are seeing an increase in the demand for Virtual PA’s and have seen a dramatic decrease in the demand for scanning and filing administrators.

This blog comes to you shortly after the latest technological advancements from Tesla have been released with their progress on manufacturing a humanoid robot to take on basic tasks. Is the start of a new phase in the world? Will this be normal in 20 years and what will the future look like with this latest development? I think Will Smith’s response to this was the best:

We are also seeing Tesla working on self-driving cars - did we envisage this 20 years ago? In 20 years in the future will the recruitment industry be affected by these developments? Will we see robots undertaking the duties of a secretary or PA? The scanning and filing duties of the office? Will delivery drivers become obsolete with the perfection of self-driven cars? The newest models of the Tesla car can now self-diagnose themselves if there is a problem and order the new parts from Tesla HQ - are they making car technicians redundant? The machines are taking over!

The world seems to be moving more and more towards digitalisation too. Where were we with crypto currency 20 years ago…. non-existent! However today we are seeing countries adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Isn’t this amazing?! The advancements being made in my lifetime astound me! Where will this be in 20 more years’ time, will technology and digitalisation swallow up our current financial system?

We are seeing investment giants such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan making amendments to their mandates to create a new asset class just for crytpo. This looks to be a huge indicator that crypto is here to stay and our financial system will look entirely different in the future. Do you agree?

If we compare today to 20 years ago, the use of contactless payments was a game changer, let alone something of this magnitude. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I used cash, can you? I bet there aren’t even places anymore where they only accept cash but previously, we wouldn’t have imagined a world without cash. This evolution is amazing and what will the future hold with this new crypto space becoming ever so prominent?!

Will Bitcoin be the new digital cash?

Even today, we are beginning to see jobs come up for crypto experts - the advancement of this technology has actually created jobs for us. We are even seeing sport stars working Bitcoin and Ethereum into their contracts to form part of their earnings/benefits packages. Fascinating! Clearly people are liking this - Technology is taking over! 

Many years ago, we saw the whole of humankind stop and watch their tellies or listen to their radios as we launched the first flight into space. The world literally stood still in awe as we marveled at this technological advancement and what the possibilities could be. In contrast, in 2021 we have seen 2 flights to space to do research for how this could become a regular occurrence and how the experience could be enhanced for consumers. I watched the highlights of Richard Branson floating around in space via instagram.

Who would have thought this 20 years ago?

How will this affect the world, where will this go, will this be the norm in 20 years, going to space?!

And how will this affect the recruitment industry? Will I be advertising roles for space flight attendants? How will insurance brokers lives change, will this form part of my new travel insurance? Will there even be robot pilots who could fly a Virgin flight on an auto-pilot route?

What will we perceive to be normal in 20 years’ time which today perhaps doesn’t even exist?! How will this impact our jobs in the future, how many jobs will be lost or created?

Is the sky truly the limit for technology?

Will the machines eventually win?