The Results- Park Temp 2018

The Results- Park Temp 2018

Fridays here and it’s finally time to announce our lucky winner of ‘Park Temp of the Year 2018’. Over the course of the past month we invited our clients to nominate a temp that they felt deserved recognition for their hard work and commitment over the past year. As you can imagine when the nominations start rolling in it’s a tough decision as to who is the most deserving winner, following some tough deliberations from the Park team we are delighted to present this years winner, Julie!

Julie joined the Park temp team in October this year and has proved to be an asset to our client.

‘Since Julie has come in to the business there has been no questioning her commitment, Julie has worked extra due to the Business needs and also for her own development on our systems. Very pro active in her approach to work and liaising with Clients to a comfortable level already only having been with our company for a short time has shown to me what an asset Julie can be.’ 

Congratulations Julie!

Of course, we couldn't let our runners up go without a thank you as well. Here is a couple of additional nominations that we received this year...

Elaine - 'Brilliant, pro-active, hard working, flexible, conscientious. A pleasure to work with.'

'Paul has excelled in his impact on the business and his general day to day work has been outstanding. He is liked by all and has helped his area of the business more than he realises.' 

Congratulations to all our temps that received a nomination this year and we look forward to seeing what 2019 has in store!